In 1884, Karl Elsener opened his cutlery shop in Ibach-Schwyz. That was at the time when Switzerland was still one of the poorer countries in Europe. In 1891, he first supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army. In 1897, he developed the Swiss Army and Sport Knife – the Swiss Army Knife we know today – and laid the foundation for a thriving company that would go on to compete worldwide.

Today, Victorinox is a global company with five product categories: Swiss Army Knives, Household and Professional Knives, as well as Watches, Luggage and Fragrances. The Swiss Army Knife is considered the core product and leads the way in the development of all product categories.

Professional knife

The professional knives are durable precision instruments with non-slip handles and exceptionally long life. And they are easy to sharpen. Thanks to its excellent ergonomics, you can work with it all day without your hands getting tired – ideal for butchers and professional chefs.

Pocket knife

The small red pocket knife with the cross and shield emblem on the handle is the unmistakable symbol of the company. In a unique way, it embodies Swiss craftsmanship and the impressive know-how of over 2,000 employees around the world.

Household knife

The household knives meet the highest design standards. They are the right thing for passionate hobby and professional chefs. The comprehensive range covers all requirements: from slicing to dicing and chopping to grating, from knife blocks to cutting boards.