Friedr. Dick, based in Deizisau, has successfully held its own against international competitors for over 240 years as a Swabian manufacturer of precision tools. Knives, sharpening steels, files, special tools and grinding machines are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

The world reputation as a manufacturer of quality tools is based on reliability and the long life of the products. All products from our company are also characterized by classic design, sophisticated function and the highest quality. We are continuously working on the further development of our products. These are created in traditional manufacturing methods using the latest technologies and stand for corresponding value.


Cooking knives are diverse in shapes and designs. The shapes depend mainly on your application area. Filleting, touring, slicing and many other applications are completely covered with the F. DICK knives.

Meat knife and splitter

Butcher knives are the most important tools of the trade for butchers and related meat processing professions, and a selection of different types of knives is part of any basic equipment.

Grinding & Sharpening

Grinding / Sharpening

The sharpening steel can be used to extend the cutting life, so that the knives stay sharp longer and therefore need to be resharpened less often.

Sharpening steel replacement

The knife sharpener, often called click-clack among butchers, is used to keep the knife edge sharp, erect and pull it off. The more often you sharpen your knives with the knife sharpener, the longer they will stay sharp and the edge retention will be maximized.

Grinding machines

If the sharpening steel or knife sharpener is used frequently, the cutting edge angle becomes larger, i.e. duller, with each sharpening operation. Then the stage is reached where regrinding of the cutting edge becomes necessary, for a professional grind and cutting edge profile.