LUTZ BLADES has been successfully cooperating with market-leading companies in the meat processing industry for many years. In addition to a portfolio of now 1000 standard models and over 500 special blades, LUTZ can design and implement the right model, from razor-sharp for the finest cuts to extremely stable for impact and pressure cuts.

Spare blades and machine knives

The Lutz range includes replacement blades and machine knives for the following applications / machines:

  • Derinding blades for all leading manufacturers such as Maja, Weber, Townsend…
    • The blades are available with and without safety notching.
    • In thicknesses 20×1.0mm and 22×0.7mm
    • Batch traceability through blade marking
  • Ribbing blades in the dimensions 12 – 28mm
  • Technical cutting blades
  • Trapezoidal blades
  • Urschel blades
  • Townsend Peeler Blades
  • Customized blades