Professional knives, whose quality according to German standards convinces daily and sustainably: This is what GIESSER stands for. A knife, a really good one, is much more than blade and hilt! Each and every one of our products incorporates the experience of six generations of knife craftsmanship, which we pursued then as now with a passion for precision, meticulousness in the selection of materials and an unceasing quest for quality. Thus, we rely on first-class industrial production, where we check each knife by hand. of the time. Because tradition obliges.

Passion for precise craftsmanship

Hermann Giesser (left) is in charge of production, while Hans-Joachim Giesser (right) is responsible for sales.

Hand knife

High quality materials processed to the most careful. Ideal balance and balanced proportions of blade and handle for effortless and particularly efficient cutting. The ultimate tool for everyday use.

GIESSER Prime Line Soft Touch Handle

The innovative two-component soft-touch handle enables fatigue-free work, while protecting the joints and thus significantly increasing work productivity.

Gastro Premium Cut

Strong design, incredible sharpness and perfect workmanship make this new series of knives something very special. Just the sight of them is enough to make you feel the fascination that comes from these tools.