Lumbeck & Wolter GmbH & Co KG specializes in the manufacture of cutting tools for mincers. Their comprehensive technical knowledge, constant further development, the demand for the highest quality and continuous service ensure unsurpassed performance and a constant lead in the market.

Lumbeck & Wolter has been a traditional company for over 100 years, which is large enough to produce rationally and at low cost, yet has remained flexible and individual. Optimal work processes are guaranteed on the most modern machines and equipment with the help of expert and qualified employees.

Performance for the craft

System Enterprise

Long-Life wheels are made of a high-alloy, stainless and wear-resistant steel and thus remain sharp for an exceptionally long time. Long Life knives are equipped with high-speed steel cutting edges and, together with the Long Life discs, form a cutting set of unsurpassed durability.

Toolsteel & Inox

The Enterprise System with hub or without hub offers your mincers in sizes No. 5 – No. 56 a high quality and standardized cutting set for an optimal end product. Perforated discs from the Enterprise System without hub are also available in Inox.

System Excelsior and Velati
KS | Konti cutter

Through continuous development and close cooperation with manufacturers and end customers, Lumbeck & Wolter offers high-quality cutting set solutions for a wide range of applications in OEM quality.
The state-of-the-art machinery enables drilling of less than 1.0 mm in first-class quality.

Performance for the industry

System Unger with collar

The Unger system with collar is available in all common and marketable sizes. Whether 3-piece or 5-piece, the combination of pre-cutters, high-performance knives such as the Robot S4 knife and perforated discs with maximum number of holes guarantee an excellent result. A wide variety of end products can be manufactured thanks to a wide range of configuration options for the pre-cutter, knife and perforated disc components. Whether meat or vegetables!